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Applied Therapeutic Sciences

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ATS has many different things to help you enjoy a more healthy life and feel better about yourself.
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Massage Therapy Available:
Full body massage:    $75.00
Partial massage:        $40.00
Extended Massage:    $90.00
This includes:   Swedish massage, Russian massage, Myofascial Release, Pressure point techniques, Reflexology, Accupressure, Swedish gymnastic ROM methods, Best Method, Radiant Touch, Cranio Sacrial, and many others.

Spa methods                               Costs:
Seaweed Wrap:                                              $80.00

Herbal Wrap:                                                  $50.00

Cellulite Wrap:                                                $50.00

Salt Glow Scrub:                                             $50.00

Body Exfoliation Scrub:                                   $50.00

Paraffin Bath for hands and feet:                       $15.00

Steam Bath (with Aroma Therapy}:                   $15.00

HOT ROCKS massage:                                   $80.00

Consultation(30 minutes):                                $45.00